One of my designs, featuring a 'secret message' tab that extends out when the key is turned!


PieceMaker's Factory allows people to access 3D printing via a kiosk experience. Users can choose from and customize a variety of 3D printed products, and watch it print right in store. The customization includes text, symbols and even part choices. The user also has a choice of color for their piece. In my time with the company our team earned a license with Nickelodeon to create 3D printed toys for popular children's TV shows, including SpongeBob and Dora the Explorer. 

As a Product Design intern with PieceMaker I designed and prototyped customizable consumer products for 3D printing, with a focus on toys, collectibles and jewelry. I had the technical challenge of modeling the pieces to be printed in 30 minutes or under on PieceMaker's automated printers. This role required rapid prototyping, quick design iteration and the ability to meet hard deadlines. 

In this role I completed user research and design iteration to reinvent the product catalog and improve the entire retail kiosk experience. This included interviews with children and their parents, in which we would test both the toys and the kiosk system's accessibility. I created an architecture and visual language for the kiosk system to make sure that all of our product and customization options were easy to find and clear.

Following are images and renderings of toys that I designed for children aged 6 - 12. I mainly used Autodesk Fusion360 for CAD modeling. Many of the toys have moveable parts, and all can be printed in 30 minutes or less with no supports and no cleanup. All of the 3D printed toys can be customized with a child's initials, full name or an emoji. 

it's top-tastic Tuesday at PieceMaker! 💫

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