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Wander is an iOS application that uses your social media content (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) to create a beautiful visual representation of your life events and spontaneous adventures. Simply select a time frame, and Wander will automatically curate your social media content to generate a map visualization of the places you visited during that time. As a visual record, Wander not only offers highly personalized content but also exports to other platforms so you can share your journeys with loved ones -- you can even connect with your friends on Wander to see where your paths overlap or to tag them in your journey. 

I served as the main designer and user experience researcher on the Wander team. This application was created for a Design for Human and Computer Systems course at Carnegie Mellon. 



Have you ever wanted all your vacation pictures in a single place? What happens when you want to share your carefully crafted social media posts with friends or family not on social media? These were some of the questions the Wander team sought to answer. Wander began as a pitch for an application that would track your social media activity within a time range, and then allow a user to edit it into a shareable 'journey'.


My first step was to identify user personas. The biggest challenge of the project was to keep our user personas general (anyone who was on social media) but still developing clear and executable goals for our ideal user base (interested in deeper customization, photography experience, etc.) We overcame this within our short project timeline by defining our user personas by the events they would want to document using Wander. This was further defined by journey length; for example the desired toolset for someone documenting their wedding weekend would differ from someone who wanted to capture a whole 6 months of study abroad. 


As main designer, I was responsible for the bulk of the visuals for the class milestones. This included rough wireframes and sketches, page layouts in Sketch, and fully linked prototypes in InVision. We used these prototypes to constantly get feedback from other team members, communicate to the developers on our team, and get feedback from our classmates on the progress of our design. 



I designed the logo for our application. Our goal for the logo was for it to be friendly and approachable, and fit with other travel-focused apps. We used our fellow classmates and friends as a user group to gather opinions on what design projected feelings of wonder, ease and anticipation. 



A storyboard framed in Sketch showing the log-in process for a user within Wander.